Drago's Home Distributed Reasoning Architecture for Galaxy of Ontologies

Welcome to the virtual cave of DRAGO project

DRAGO addresses the problem of reasoning with multiple distributed ontologies interrelated by pairwise semantic mappings. In contrast to the so called global reasoning approach, when reasoning with multiple semantically related ontologies is performed in a global knowledge base that encodes both ontologies and semantic mappings, DRAGO realizes an alternative technique, which is based on a distributed contextual reasoning paradigm. Namely, the reasoning with multiple ontologies is proposed to be accomplished through a suitable combination, via semantic mappings, of local reasoning chunks, internally executed in single ontologies.

DRAGO is theoretically grounded on the Distributed Description Logics framework (DDL) which extends standard Description Logics with means for expressing semantic mappings, bridge rules. Read more about DDL following "Publications" link in the left menu. Current version of distributed reasoning algorithm of DRAGO is limited to the case of pure terminological reasoning not allowing the use of nominals, which harden the reasoning even in standard Description Logics. The second restriction is posed on the form of bridge rules and allows for expressing semantic links between concepts belonging to different ontologies.

From the implementation point of view DRAGO represents a peer-to-peer reasoning platform. It envisages a web of ontologies being distributed amongst a peer-to-peer network of DRAGO Reasoning Peers. The distributed algorithm of DRAGO, encoded in reasoning peers, is implemented as an extension to an open source Pellet OWL Reasoner. You can find more information about DRAGO design and implementation principles following "System Description" link in the left menu.


We would like to thank Kevin Palivec for the beautiful picture of DRAGO he painted and which we borrowed to be a logo of our system. We promise that this image will be used by us for the research purposes and research inspiration only.

Sincerely, DRAGO team.